Fantasy-F1-League 2016 - 2016 Season Now Underway
Australian Grand Prix - 20th March 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix - 3rd April 2016 Chinese Grand Prix - 17th April 2016 Russian Grand Prix - 1st May 2016 Spanish Grand Prix - 15th May 2016 Monte Carlo Grand Prix - 29th May 2016 Canadian Grand Prix - 12th June 2016 European Grand Prix - 19th June 2016 Austrian Grand Prix - 3rd July 2016 British Grand Prix - 10th July 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix - 24th July 2016 German Grand Prix - 31st July 2016 Belgian Grand Prix - 28th August 2016 Italian Grand Prix - 4th September 2016 Singapore Grand Prix - 18th September 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix - 2nd October 2016 Japanese Grand Prix - 9th October 2016 United States Grand Prix - 23rd October 2016 Mexican Grand Prix - 30th October 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix - 13th November 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 27th November 2016

Fantasy F1 League 2016

3,785 Active Teams

Results after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are now updated and final standings shown below. Congratulations to KempoF1 who hold on to win the overall game, congratulations. Commisserations to both Haas That and VanishingPoint who both mounted a Hamilton-esque late challenge but fell short by just 6 points in the end.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this season, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and standby for instructions for next season!

So What Now?

I am hoping to run this again for the 2017 season. First there are a few things I need to do.

I want to migrate the domain and site to a new, more reliable web-host, to prevent a recurrance of the outage we had around the start of the season. I will start this process hopefully around mid-December, so you may find the site is down for a few days.

I also want to make the site more mobile-friendly and quicker, so expect a revamp before the season starts.

I will launch the 2017 season once driver line-ups are finalised. This is probably going to be done by January or February 2017.

If you are looking for a new web host then I would recommend Smarthosting who are great value for money, quick and helpful.

Top Teams 2016
2ndHaas That1933
4thTuk-Tuk Diesel1909
5thTurbo crazy racing 1898
7thNolton Wanderers1891
Top Scores For Abu Dhabi GP 2016
1stHokey Kokey113
3rdThe Pasta Maldonadoh's111
4thSmooth Running111
6thTim's Titans110
8thI don't know F1110
10thRed Balls Tagged Her110

Rule Changes for 2016

After a lot of voting I have decided to change the rules and allow the two most popular rule changes to go ahead. There's a new poll to the top-left about making team selections visible to other players, please vote and I will go with the most popular choice.

For 2016 the driver who sets the fastest lap of the race will score 5 points for anyone who has that driver in their line up.

All drivers will now also receive a point for each position they gain during the race - this is based on their starting grid position and their final finishing position, ie their classified position as per the BBC website.

I will bring in the other rule changes for 2017 as to bring them in now would mean having to revalue all the teams and mean a lot of extra work coding the game.

Fantasy F1 League 2016 is a free, Fantasy F1 game now in our fifth season and based on the Formula 1 World Championship - you can register or login if you played before and pick your team for the coming season. Fantasy F1 2015 will allow you to create or join a public or private league for free, as well as picking your drivers, aerodynamic, chassis and engines. Fantasy F1 League can be played in your browser, no need for downloads.

I have given the starting prices for next season much harder consideration for 2016 as 2015 didn't go quite as I planned, it became too easy to simply have the top drivers and the top components too early in the season. Prices will also change depending on performance so the top drivers etc will become quite pricey meaning it will be hard to have the best of everything.

Fantasy F1 League operates a handicap system for late starters - if you miss a race then you gain an additional £3M for your team's budget, for each race missed. So if you don't register until after the second race for example, you'd get an extra £6M for your team to spend. This means you can buy a stronger team than those already playing and gives you a chance of catching up. In any case everyone has a chance of winning trophies at every race so you can still get some glory that way, even if you are a late starter or have a few poor races.

Recent Drivers Transferred In

Kimi Raikkonen bought by BWALL2700 at 12:57:42
Kimi Raikkonen
Sebastian Vettel bought by Cliff-Edge-Racers at 12:54:56
Sebastian Vettel
Nico Rosberg bought by wsd f1 at 12:52:49
Nico Rosberg
Sebastian Vettel bought by C0D3P08 at 12:52:45
Sebastian Vettel
Max Verstappen bought by Bryers Only Over BoostS  at 12:42:42
Max Verstappen

Recent Drivers Transferred Out

Daniel Ricciardo sold by BWALL2700 at 12:57:42
Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo sold by Cliff-Edge-Racers at 12:54:56
Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo sold by wsd f1 at 12:52:49
Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo sold by C0D3P08 at 12:52:45
Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo sold by Bryers Only Over BoostS  at 12:42:42
Daniel Ricciardo

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